Creating an atmosphere of meaningful work is paramount within THS. Building relationships, learning each day, growing teams and accomplishing goals are all set in the frame of building communities across America. These ideas are at the heart of the philosophy that defines the THS family.

Here are some other ways we define our core philosophy:

We are resident-focused. The ultimate end users of our services are residents. Families, young couples, college students, and more live and thrive in the homes we renovate. As a result, our choices are focused on them. When we propose a new clubhouse or a greenway, we have your residents in mind. When we create our work schedule, we consider theirs. No detail is too small for your residents. No detail is accidental.

We think beyond the project. Your property and your project have a story. That story is an important part of a renovation project. Its past determines repairs and upgrades, but its future is based on your goals. THS caters to your project’s specific goals and future to make sure our work has a purpose that is all yours.

We want to make a difference. We work in communities. Therefore, our work has tangible impact on the lives of real people. It’s an opportunity to make a difference. By focusing on quality, efficiency and communication, our projects have a chance to do that.

We serve people. Though residents are our end goal, our clients deserve the same treatment. In everything we do, we strive to make life a little easier for the managers who call on us.