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When you make a purchase, the purchase itself is secondary. How do you use what you bought? Does it help you create memories? Is it significant? For many things we buy, the sale is only the beginning of a longer story.

THS National is a general contractor, and we sell our services to complexes. But what about afterwards? When we renovate and revamp a place, how does it reflect in the community?

Our Impact Initiative is a way to examine and appreciate that longer story.  It’s a blog and a news aggregator, but to us it’s something more. It’s our way of giving extra to both the communities we serve and the ones we haven’t yet. Here we share the brightest spots of human communities, and ideas to make them better.

We collect these moments through links, essays, and short films.

Impact Initiative Topics

  • Community Gardening: food is a cultural institution that brings people together, one synonymous with holidays, celebration and happiness. Community gardens are sustainable and affordable ways to address food scarcity while educating their caretakers.
  • Homelessness: we improve apartments. But what about people who don’t have an apartment to come home to? THS partners with and highlights the efforts of organizations around the country who work to fix this problem.
  • Apartments: THS works with landlords and management companies daily, so we have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t for communities. Here we’ll share that knowledge and chat about the industry.
  • Inside THS: the long story includes us, too. We’re a dynamic company full of great people, and we would love for you to read our chapter in the story of our clients.
  • Positive Media: Rogers – the ideal neighbor for any community – told us to always “look for the helpers.” We find the helpers, and we tell their stories. They deserve to be heard.
  • Community: any community can be made great, no matter where you start. Whether it’s your own family or your neighborhood, impact takes many forms. We want to figure out how we can all help, and our efforts take shape here.