Postcard_Draft1Regardless of your role in the apartment industry, our professional lives are connected to the investor’s strategy for achieving ROI. This often comes down to repositioning the community through interior upgrades.  Targeted renovations reposition your community, turning it from a place to live into a highly desired neighborhood. It’s best to start where residents find the most value: Inside their apartment home.

THS can update those dated cabinets, replace that 90’s model fridge, or swap out that embarrassing marble fireplace. Larger changes are also possible, including room expansions and wall rearrangements. Your vacancies will fill faster, ensuring a consistent and reliable revenue stream. These type of long-term renovation projects will upgrade your Class D or C property to Class B or A.

Renovations are done in close collaboration with management, ensuring they are both quality and relevant. Aside from class upgrades, effective ROI-centered renovations are focused first on practicality, then on your preferred resident demographic. For instance, your downtown condos for a segmented urban client base could use dramatic lighting and larger windows, but a suburban family would appreciate a bigger bathroom.

Because we specialize in apartment renovations, THS is an ideal partner for investments in these communities. Contact us today and let’s make your investment everything you know it can be!