Big projects take big planning. Your newest capital project may be widespread maintenance, a full renovation, or new construction. From front and center to behind the scenes, they all take a strategy. Money is a big part of this strategy, and you must spend it wisely.

THS National’s experience with multiple capital projects – with projects at all revenue levels – mean we know how to operate on a large scale. Our capacity of double digit millions means we can handle your capital project with the same grace as something more concentrated.

Capital projects are often complex. They may involve renovation, new construction, extra amenities, and more simultaneously. THS’ breadth of experience means we can mold to fit even the most sprawling project. We can even help you budget the project . For you it means simplicity: one company for all tasks involved.

Most importantly? It means your residents can enjoy the outcome of these projects  faster

No matter what stage you’re at in your capital THS can help you bring it to life. Contact us today and let’s make something together.