IMG_3600 copyTHS is more than a construction company. We provide more than just labor. When we come on for a project, we guide our clients from start to finish. We want to understand your project and contribute to its purpose as much as we want to build it.

A project begins with your idea. After you tell us what you want, we help you budget for it and understand its scope. Our experienced construction manager will walk through your project area with you. We will also meet with your staff to help understand their strengths and assess their role in the project.

After the project begins, we provide labor and supplies for the actual construction and renovation. Our managers work both with THS crews and your staff to do the job. This process is the same, whether you’re constructing new amenities or renovating existing property. We maintain communication with you throughout, alerting you to any roadblocks or changes in the construction plan.

As the final step, we conduct completion walks with asset managers and other stakeholders to ensure the final product is in line with original expectations.