We consider ourselves much more than a renovation company.

Our work affects the communities where people live, work, and play. As a result, our philosophy is people-centered. This unceasing focus on community drives everything we do, whether it’s as simple as turning a screw or as ambitious as a community transition.

We’re also not the only ones with that passion. As a result, we like to celebrate community builders wherever they are, even if it’s not somewhere we serve. Our Impact Initiative acknowledges those people and examines how we can bring their accomplishments to ourselves and our clients.


We want you to be happy.

We highlight the positive ways leaders are changing their communities, sprinkling in some insightful articles along the way. The apartment industry has a tremendous opportunity to change the lives of those within their communities. We hope our blog can inspire others to do the same.


We want to share information about programs around the country which partner the apartment industry with a social service provider in order to help their local homeless population. The potential of our industry to make a true and lasting impact on the national problem of homelessness is real and apparent.


THS Films presents a series on The Cause for Community Engagement.