Apartment renovations are our bread and butter. We enjoy the pride and gratification of serving multi-family communities, as they allow us to impact the most people. This specialization gives us a deep understanding of the symbiotic relationship between residents and property management. Our services help both groups.


THS can handle any kind of apartment renovation. You may want to modernize aging units with new cabinets, countertops or modern lighting and hardware finishes. You may have to upgrade those same units with new electrical or plumbing systems. Sometimes you even have an emergency, like a flood or fire.

Outside of individual units, you may want to spruce up your community. Maybe you’re trying to lower lease turnover rate, or attract new and more diverse residents. THS can help there, too. We can build or update your clubhouse, connect you to the greenway, add a coffee bar, or make your architecture more aesthetically appealing.

We do this with through procuring labor, supplies, and expertise for every area of the job. THS handles every single aspect of your project, from budgeting to construction to final inspection. The diverse experience of our staff and our company’s seven-year history  will steer you to your destination.


For apartment industry professionals – managers, maintenance staff, shareholders – our work gives them peace of mind. A renovation is an investment, one that ensures the longevity and popularity of your community. Good renovations are good business for you, your investors and your residents.

But there’s a higher moral maxim that comes into play when you work in this industry: resident happiness. A renovation directly improves their quality of life and gives them a home to be proud of. Furthermore, a responsible renovation – one with a realistic budget and proper management – keeps them in your community.

Apartment renovations are about people, first and foremost. In this way, we are as much in the people business as the apartment business.

How can we serve your people?