A renovation is a large-scale project with a cast of thousands. Every single person is important, from the owners to the vendors to the construction workers on the front lines. This orchestra has to be conducted.

That’s what a general contractor does. THS primarily acts in this capacity, organizing every aspect of an apartment renovation.



We take on the logistical side of a project so that our clients can focus on managing their communities. We project construction costs, analyze building components, assemble construction crews, and take on every other nagging little headache of renovation.

But that’s the bare minimum. Any general contractor can do that, which is why THS does things a bit differently.


Staff Engagement

We don’t just take the keys and say goodbye. Our clients are partners. Your expertise on your community gives us a purpose for renovation, a guiding principle for our choices. Our regional offices build relationships with nearby landlords and management companies, relationships that are more than a contract and a budget.

This approach is built on a foundation of communication. It begins with an on-site pre-construction meeting between us and your on-site staff. We speak to them directly about expectations, project requirements and milestones. As you place trust in us, we place trust in your staff as stewards of your residents.


Resident Engagement

Speaking of residents, the flow of communication continues to them. We like to engage residents directly with a town hall-style meeting before construction begins. Here residents can ask us questions instead of wading through notices and pamphlets.

If a renovation is open-heart surgery, your residents are its heart. Their pulse doesn’t stop while we operate on their community. As a result, we give them the care and consideration they deserve.

We don’t just make their apartments. We make their homes.