Technological advancement is beneficial but brutal. It can quickly make your buildings obsolete, leaving them behind the times as newer communities eclipse them. Furthermore, even timeless technology can deteriorate. Hence, the reasons for apartment renovations. However, this obsolescence presents a number of technical challenges, challenges that require specific knowledge.

This is why THS provides engineering services. Engineering companies can be geographically disparate and highly specialized, resulting in a fragmented renovation process that confuses you and your residents. THS’ knowledge of these services means that your engineering needs are seamlessly integrated with our project management.

Engineering works first on a behind-the-scenes level. THS can improve and update:

  • Water plumbing systems
  • Water intrusion issues
  • Community drainage systems
  • Aging circuitry
  • Structural problems

These silent things are essential but invisible to your residents…at least until something goes wrong. However, engineering also serves an important aesthetic purpose. Both new and old residents can benefit from:

  • Clubhouse renovations
  • Updated gym or pool facilities
  • Refreshed architecture and exteriors
  • Remodeled apartment interiors

Engineering is an important part of any renovation project, and THS handles it with the same grace as our other services. We would love to give your community the top-notch engineering it deserves.