IMG_0275THS practices the design-build system for its project delivery. We think this practice helps our clients first.

Modern construction is often done in pieces, where an owner will separately contract each aspect of the project. Typically this means two parties: a designer or architect to shape the building, and a construction company to build it. Design-build simplifies this by putting designing and construction under the same umbrella. THS will both design and construct your project.

Our involvement from beginning to end serves our clients in several ways. For one, the simplicity of a single contact point greatly streamlines the process. Community managers and other stakeholders spend less time playing phone tag and more time serving their communities.

For investors, it reduces risk. Communication is monolithic and internalized, so people from the job site to the office are on the same page. Furthermore, the bundling of these services helps realize significant cost savings.

Choose THS and see how our design-build philosophy can improve your next project.